Sunday, February 24, 2008

Quote of The Week, Kestin - 2/24/08

Don’t let the business become your whole world. The job can be all-consuming. The hours are long. It helps for your friends to be convenient. But the smaller your universe, the duller your life, the worse you do your job. Advertising is about the world. Stay in it.

-Janet Kestin, Co-CCO, Ogilvy Toronto

As Brandcenter students, we have very little free time to do much more than think about advertising and branding. Even when we try to turn off our brains, assignments are normally what naturally and subconsciously pop in.

There's just no stopping it.

If all we keep feeding our brains are ads, books about ads and books of old ads, then shitty, been-done-before ads are what we're going to make.

I think it's time we all made a concerted effort to have more of a life. Ironically, it will improve the work.

And by "we all," I mean "me."

dubs. out.

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