Thursday, February 21, 2008

One Show '08

A month or two ago I wrote a post about awards shows.

It was filled with quotes of ad legends giving their two cents mainly about why they are stupid. And I bought into all of it, hypocritically knowing full well in the back of my mind that winning an award would be the sweetest accolade one can hope to get in this insane, demented profession.

It's tangible validation that what you are doing amidst all the chaos and anarchy that is advertising, is somehow and inexplicably... right.

At the very least, it's proof that people dig what you're creating.

Well, that back portion of my mind reared its ugly head the past few weeks, as I made damn sure I had something to send up to New York by February 21st in the vain hopes that this blind ambition might end up in some (pathetic?) form of glory.

Below is our Dorito's spot for the One Show College Competition. It was originally intended to be submitted as part of a "Chip Etiquette" campaign, but of course, in a school where producing work for competitions is a distant second to producing actual good work, there was just no time.

Who knows though? Maybe someday...

Other credits:

Art Director/Director/Editor/Love of my life: Raquel Gimenez
Copywriter/Actor #1: Tony Collins
Actor #2/The guy I share a bathroom with: Jordan Childs

I hope you like it, even though the voice-over may be a little obvious (but alas, the boom mike was nowhere to be found).

We submitted a poster as well for the show's design brief, but that won't see the light of day.

Unless of course it wins something.

dubs. out.

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